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I’m not sure what made me pop into ēvōs after a three-year hiatus, but I’m sure glad that I did! Back in the day, I used to eat here a few times each week. The Crispy Thai Chicken Wrap was phenomenal, and I would pair that with their Airfries (like any good American) then wash it down with a secret soda (shhhh…. don’t tell). A lot has changed at this particular location on South Howard Avenue (near Swann Avenue) since I was last in: the service is way better, they seemed to have done away with that annoying, loud timer sound, and they got rid of the megaphone on which they used to call out order numbers (let’s be serious – the place isn’t big enough to justify using something louder than your own voice).



I alway knew they had a veggie burger, but now they’re calling it the ēvōs Vegan Championburger. *Gasp!* A local fast-food joint dedicating menu space specifically for the vegan community? Yes, friends. Yes. If anything, it helps vegans take the guesswork out of ordering. We no longer have to say, “no cheese, no mayo, no murder.” They get it. On the other hand, it also makes my blog kinda pointless. I want to be the one to tell you of these things!evos-2_2


If you’re looking at this photo of my Vegan Championburger and thinking, “heavens, that certainly is a lot of lettuce and tomato,” well calm down. My dining companion today hates these toppings, so I slopped ’em onto my burger. I’m not a calorie-counter by any stretch of the imagination, but you might rest easier knowing that the Vegan Championburger has 95 fewer calories than its fleshy counterpart (the evil stepsister, Original Steakburger), and probably tastes better, too.

evos-3_3Since you saved so many calories by opting for the lower-calorie, cruelty-free (better) choice, you might as well reward yourself with some Airfries. I like to dispense all four types of their flavored ketchup, switch the little serving cups around real quick like a street magician would do, and then let the flavor surprise begin. I also like to pretend that this is how everyone else does it.

Other tips:

-when you make your order a combo (you know you will), you can get a shake instead of a tea or soda. Be sure to ask about the ingredients; some, but not all, of them contain milk.

-you can get a tiny salad instead of Airfries (go ahead — one up me, why don’t you?)

As always, you’re doing a good thing 😉





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    • hewdavid

      That’s very kind of you to say. I can’t wait to add more restaurants and more menu item choices to provide more variety.

  1. You gave me your site this morning and I am super glad you did. I found this place to be amazing. I tried the fries ,tea and Veggie burger and it was delicious. I was very limited to many foods/places around me that serve vegan dishes but thanks to Your Blog that just change. Thank you.

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