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When someone finds out that you’re vegan and they ask “what do you eat?”, my all-time favorite response is, “PIZZA!” It’s not so much that I have a pizza obsession, but I love the look on their face that this response generates; you can actually see something click in their little head, almost as if they’re thinking “oh, this guy’s not so weird after all.” I might be vegan, but I’m still American; we love our pizza. Which is why I find myself at Pizza Fusion on the reg.


Pizza Fusion has a dedicated pizza for us called the Very Vegan (not the most clever of names, but we’ll take what we can get), which comes with soy cheese instead of cultured cruelty (regular cheese), as well as mushrooms, garlic, and tomato sauce. This pizza is fantastic just the way it comes, but I always ask them to add sautéed spinach to jazz up the way it looks (without that pop of green, it looks like a boring beige pie).Pizza-Fusion-2_2


If adding spinach isn’t enough to make your visual senses pop, Pizza Fusion makes it easy to turn any of their menu pizza options into a vegan pizza. Of course you won’t be ordering the Classic Pepperoni pizza because once you substitute the mozzarella for their soy cheese or Daiya brand options you’re just left with a cheese pizza. I’m not into that.Pizza-Fusion-3_3

In addition to making delicious pizzas for both vegans and non-vegans alike, Pizza Fusion touts their love for Earth. They claim to offer an all organic menu (I say “claim” because a disclaimer on their website says that initiatives vary by location), and they let you return your pizza boxes for a discount on your next order. This link will bring you to a long list of their Earthly initiatives:

And here’s a greasy close-up for you:Pizza-Fusion-4_4


This is definitely one of the places to eat where I don’t have to make any real sacrifices in taste so that I can eat with my non-vegan friends. The BBQ Chicken pizza smells so damn good, and I’m thinking about getting that next time (in a vegan version, of course!).

Other fun facts:

  • they offer personal size pizzas, but get a large and save the extra for another meal. You’ll regret it if you don’t.
  • there’s a vegan brownie on the dessert menu. I haven’t tried it yet, so I’ll let you tell me what you think first.
  • You have the option of what kind of bread on which to make your pie: multi-grain, gluten-free, or original (each is vegan friendly).
  • If you dine here in the evening, walk across the street to Curtis Hixon park and enjoy the light show strobing across the Museum of Art.

As always, you’re doing a good thing 😉







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    • VeganAdmin1

      I’ve definitely been to Gourmet Pizza Co. on several occasions; it’s a favorite! Thanks for sharing, and I plan to post about them soon.

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