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I won’t lie; I’ve driven my vegan ass down South Howard Avenue  on a weekend before and have thrown a little jealousy at all of the brunch-goers waiting outside for a table at Daily Eats. I never thought to stop in and try my hand (or mouth) at vegan dining. Instead, I would just roll down the window and scream profanities. I just assumed it was all sausage, and omelets, and dairy (oh, my). That all changed today, though, when my best gal pal suggested we all try something out of our usual routine. I threw the dog a bone and complied.



If it wasn’t for my commitment to this website and finding great meals for other vegans, I probably never would have stopped in here. Well, hooray for you and me; it was a complete success. They have these breakfast bowls that can satisfy the largest of appetites (I think I have one of those). Basically it consists of a bed of home fries, then eggs, cheese, and whatever special toppings come with each particular bowl. I opted for The Tijuana (scrambled eggs, vegetable chili, jalapeño jack cheese, guacamole, all on top of home fries). I asked the waitress to donate my eggs and cheese to the poor (no, I didn’t), and asked for extra guacamole in place of those things. She praised me for my vegan efforts (no, she didn’t) and took my friends’ orders. This is the gem that came my way:



I didn’t see quinoa listed in the description for my breakfast bowl, so I assume it’s included with the vegetable chili. Either way, SCORE!  “Surprise protein” is how I’ll think of it. I loved this dish so much that I raced home and tried to recreate it. Only instead of vegetable chili I used salsa. And instead of home fries I used tater tots. And instead of guacamole I used sliced avocado. And instead of being delicious it was just okay. The lesson here: don’t ever try. I think my friends were happy with their meals too, even though their non-vegan happiness is irrelevant to this post (LOL).   Katrina had a pancake and William had some sort of benedictine mayhem.


I took a look at the lunch menu and now feel compelled to return to Daily Eats. Their lunch and dinner bowls (Shredder Bowls) sound incredible, and one of them is sans meat.  I used to eat here a lot when I worked across the street at what was once Xtreme Total Health & Fitness, and I remember going to chow town quite often on the New York Bleu Shredder Bowl. Your non-vegan friends will enjoy that very much.

Other noteworthy items:

  • Starbucks is a couple doors over; take a stroll up Howard and get yourself an iced coffee. Venti is plenty, as I like to say.
  • Bring some sunglasses in case you end up sitting outside on the porch. I forgot mine and squinted throughout my meal.
  • Expect to wait a bit if you’re part of the hangover crowd. We arrived at 8:30am and didn’t have to wait at all.

As always, you’re doing a good thing 😉

– Hew

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