Row Boat — Ybor City


My friend, Nicole, recommended The Row Boat to me recently and scolded me for not knowing about it sooner. “How can you live in Ybor, be vegan, and still not have gone there yet!?” she demanded. I had to admit to her that I didn’t know that falafel, The Row Boat’s main dish, was meat-free. Embarrassing, I know; I always thought falafel was some sort of European gyro. Now I find myself eating here regularly, and my non-vegan friends enjoy it too.


My go-to choice on the menu at The Row Boat is the Super Falafel Wrap. It comes served on a folded pita, but I always ask for it rolled into a wrap, otherwise it’s difficult to eat (the photo above shows the pita option even though I swear I asked for it in a wrap–haha). Folded or wrapped up along with your falafel balls you will find eggplant, hummus, and even a couple french fries; this is why it’s called the Super Falafel Wrap.


Of course you’ll want to get fries on the side because… they’re fries. Also, they serve a mint tea that’s pretty refreshing. I like it because it works better than soda when you need something to wash down the wrap that’s lodged in your gullet because you didn’t chew it well enough on account of it tasting so good. If you’re gonna spring for either the fries or a drink, you might as well go for both; you actually end up paying more money if you don’t make it a meal deal (welcome to America).



On a nice day it would be enjoyable to take advantage of their outside seating. The Row Boat recently upgraded their furniture and added some much-needed umbrellas. The streetcar passes by every half hour or so, giving you the chance to make silly faces at the children who are staring at you from the inside.



The photo above shows some of the interior of the restaurant lit up in the evening. I dig the blue chairs.

As always, you’re doing a good thing 😉