Why I blab about restaurants.


Let’s face it: Tampa is not the easiest place to be vegan. I have been vegan just over a year now, and I’ve been going it alone from the beginning. The biggest challenge I’ve faced has been dining out with friends who haven’t yet adopted a vegan lifestyle (I still have high hopes for them to do so –no pressure!). The challenge doesn’t come so much from difficulties in finding vegan options in predominantly carnivorous restaurants, rather, the challenge lies in convincing my dining companions that we can go anywhere they like and I’ll still be able to order something. After all, the dining experience, for me, is more about the socialization aspect, and less about stuffing my face. If you’re like me (a vegan with zero vegan friends), then you’re probably all too familiar with the ring-around-the-rosie routine when it comes time to decide where to eat; no one wants the responsibility of making the final decision, so the vegan (or “picky” one) of the bunch is typically assigned the task. That’s a lot of pressure!


With that said, this blog is dedicated to the Tampa vegan who often dines out with non-vegans. It is intended to help you choose a restaurant that will please both you and your meat-eating, dairy-gulping buddies (as disgusting as they are — heehee). Every other week I will post new restaurant ideas for you, as well as photos, my personal menu favorites, and other helpful tips about the featured restaurant.


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